Propeller at Hampstead with Richard III & Comedy

Propeller, the all-male theatre company bring their two William Shakespeare touring productions to the Hampstead Theatre, in north London, playing in repertoire from 22 June to 9 July 2011.

Directed by Edward Hall, designed by Michael Pavelka , lighting by Ben Ormerod.

Richard III. Propeller’s production of Richard III creates a diabolical adventure, taking Hammer Horror and Grand Guignol as its inspirations. Macabre humour and bloody sensuality is the order of the day as the devilish House of York, led by the machiavellian Richard, takes on the purer-than-pure House of Lancaster in an England riven by civil war.

The Comedy of Errors. Two pairs of twins, each separated from their sibling at birth, leave a perfectly symmetrical trail of confusion behind them when a shipwreck unites them on the same island.

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