Puss In Boots forced to cancel at Arts Theatre

A press statements says:

Tiny Tim Productions, the producers of Puss In Boots, which was due to open at the Arts Theatre in London on 30 November, following previews from 18 November, have been left with no alternative other than to cancel the production.

The current tenant of the Arts Theatre, Brasrat Ltd, were unable to come to an agreement with the Landlord, Consolidated St Giles LLP, to remain in the building after 13 December 2010, which meant they could not guarantee that the run of Puss In Boots could take place as anticipated.

Although Brasrat Ltd did not accept the Landlord’s position was strictly correct, the only option left was to take legal action against the Landlord. Any such action would take weeks to resolve and could not ensure that the production would not be disrupted during its planned run. Brasrat Ltd did explore a number of alternative routes but none of these have proved possible.

The show, by Susie McKenna with music by Steven Edis, was due to star Kacey Ainsworth (The Wicked Queen), Ben James Ellis (Principal Boy), David Anthony (The King), Selina Chilton (The Fairy), Alice Fearn (The Princess), Arvid Larsen (The Prince), Sebastien Torkia (Puss).

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