Quango 193 - Universal Citizens

The Universal Citizens presents Quango 193 with dramaturge by Caro Dixey and writer Niki Orfanou, a site specific production at CRM CBS, *50 The Broadway, St. James's Park, in central London, from 8 March to 2 April 2011

(*Venue changed from Hanover Square)

Directed by Kate McGregor, designed by Rachel Stone, lighting by Yana Demchenko.

Cast includes Austin Spangler, Jamilah Yakubu, Chi-Lin Nim, Gopal Gautam, Ray Downing, Ceri Ashcroft.

The axe has fallen on 192 Quangos, destroying organisations such as the UK Film Council, Renewable Fuels Agency, The Health Protection Agency and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. Thousands more people are now unemployed and their lives are at a crossroads. Their job may have been an expendable Quango to others, but to them, it was a passion, a livelihood, a necessity.

Welcome to CRM CBS: Committee for the Regulation of Minor Computer Based Systems, or Quango 193 to the coalition government.

CRM CBS are currently under investigation to ascertain whether they will remain as a Quango, be absorbed within another organisation or abolished completely. The company is made up of a number of highly skilled professionals who advise the consumer on the correction of computer based functionality malfunctions. In this office, Janice makes the all important morning tea, Emma Makepeace keeps the office on its toes and James Leadfoot has trouble firing people. But when rumours of departmental cuts fester to save CRM CBS from the axe altogether, heads start to roll. The only question is; which heads will they be?

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