Return by Polarbear at BAC from 25 March 2010

Return, written and performed by Polarbear, at the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC), in south London from 2 - 20 March & 25 March 2010

Directed by Yael Shavit, designed by Marie Blunck, produced by Polarbear, mac and BAC in association with The Albany.

A one man show by spoken word artists, Polarbear. In his distinctive Birmingham lilt, Polarbear unfolds his narrative of return, loss and memory, borrowing from the language of film-making to conjure a bold visual landscape in his audience’s imagination.Tells the story of Noah, who comes back home after realising that his new life in London does not feel right. The narrative follows him as he faces the people he left: dealing with each relationship in turn and discovering along the way that there are things he can control and just as many that he can't.

On Thursday evenings throughout the run, ‘RETURN’ will be performed in unusual spaces around the building- from a small room with a fire to the enormous grand hall- as Polarbear explores the changing dynamics of the piece and the possibility of creating intimacy in different spaces.

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