Rocinante! Rocinante! by Panta Rei Theatre Collective

Panta Rei Theatre Collective presents Rocinante! Rocinante!, a site specific, promenade journey considering madness in Don Quixote and Hamlet, at the CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building, in Peckham, south London from 10 Feb to 2 March 2012.

Directed by Chiara D’Anna, lighting by Cis O’Boyle, costumes by Nadia Malik, sound by Steve Mason, set design by Nadia Malik and the ensemble.

At night, Don Quixote arrives in a cemetery with his old horse Rocinante accompanied as ever by Sancho Panza and Donkey. They stumble upon Hamlet’s gravediggers, involved in alchemical experiments as they debate the meanings of life, death and everything in between. But this garden of souls is not all that it appears, and rational laws disappear to make way for something absurd, surreal and grotesque.

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