Rocky Horror Sequel Shock Treatment at the King's Head

Tarquin Productions will present the first staged production of the sequel to cult musical film 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', Shock Treatment, at the King's Head Pub Theatre in Angel, north London from 17 April to 6 June 2015, with an official opening on 21 April 2015.

Adapted for stage by Tom Crowley and Benji Sperring, the musical features music by Richard Hartley, lyrics by Richard O'Brien and book by Jim Sharman. Predicting the rise of reality TV, the show sees the return of Brad and Janet as they get sucked into a world of crazed contestants, fame-hungry presenters and money-grabbing executives both in front and behind the cameras.

The production will be directed by Benji Sperring with set design by Tim Shortall, musical direction and arrangement by Alex Beetschen, choreography by Lucie Pankhurst and costume design by Xylona Appleton.

"Set several years after 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', Brad and Janet’s marriage is failing and they return to their hometown of Denton to find it’s not the idyllic suburb they remember. Invited onto the smash-hit TV show Unhappy Homes by their childhood friends – and Denton’s hottest TV couple – Betty and Ralph Hapschatt they’re plunged into the world of charismatic media moguls and game show participants, where people are willing to do anything in front of a camera for a taste of fame."

'The Rocky Horror Show' features book, music and lyrics by Richard O’Brien and premiered at the Royal Court in 1973. It was later and was adapted for film in 1975, known as 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and included three of the original cast. The sequel to the film, 'Shock Treatment', was released in 1981 and reunited O’Brien with Rocky Horror’s director Jim Sharman as book writer, and the film’s musical arranger Richard Hartley as composer.

Richard O'Brien said of the news: "I have always been of the opinion that it would work better as a stage play; the atmosphere, the studio, the lights, bring the show to the audience in a way the film cannot."

The cast for the stage premiere of Shock Treatment is yet to be announced.

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