Royal Court Announce Spring 2003 Season

Royal Court Announce Spring 2003 Season

The Royal Court Theatre, have announced their full Spring season which includes :

Theatre Downstairs

The Traverse Theatre Company production of Iron, by Rona Munro, will open at the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs on 27 Jan 03, following previews from 22 Jan 03, and booking to 1 Mar 03. Cast includes Helen Lomax, Louise Ludgate, Sandy McDade, Ged McKenna . It is directed by Roxana Silbert , designed by Anthony MacIlwaine, lighting by Chahine Yavroyan, and costumes by Alex Eales. Josie is visiting her mother Fay in prison for the first time. She's not seen her for 15 years, not since the day her mother was taken away when she was 10 years old. Fay is in prison for murder. A murder Josie cannot remember and Fay has always tried to forget.

Hitchcock Blonde, by Terry Johnson, will open at the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs on 2 Apr 03, following previews from 27 Mar 03, and booking to 10 May 03. It is directed by Terry Johnson and designed by William Dudley. A media lecturer and his female protege find some deteriorated Hitchcock footage in the basement of aSpanish villa. It would appear they had discovered some early rushes but what film were they for and who is the mysterious blonde?

Theatre Upstairs


Black Milk, by Vassily Sigarev, translated by Sasha Dugdale. (31 Jan to 1 Mar 03). Directed by Simon Usher. At a railway station deep in the Russian wastes, a couple of new Russians from the capital are stranded with no train until the next morning. But as the night wears on they encounter the strange, cruel and whimsical world of provincial Russia.

Terrorism, by Vladimir and Oleg Presnyakov, translated by Sasha Dugdale (10 to 29 Mar 03). Directed by Ramin Gray. There's a bomb scare at the airport, a suicide at the office. A man ties up his lover, an old woman plots murder. At the scene of a gas explosion the rescue services are busy photographing limbs, for fun. In this Russian town everyone is a terrorist and a victim of terrorism.

Under the Whaleback, by Richard Bean (10 Apr to 3 May 03). Directed by Richard Wilson. Whaleback: the covered-in part of a trawler at the bow which incorporates the fo'c's'le where the crew is quartered. "Fishing? Cold, long hours on deck? Bollocks! Me? I'm a young person and to you that means I'm a piece of shit, well I aint. I don't do puff, H, nowt. I'm clean. I'm off the Ritalin. At school I didn't sniff glue. I bought the glue cheap and sold it expensive. I'm an entrepreneur. ...I bought the glue cheap and sold it expensive. I'm an entrepreneur. I import cigarettes, this is my vocation. I'm having a difficult week. I have people telling me that you killed my father."

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