The Royal Court Theatre have announced their Summer Season Schedule:

Theatre Downstairs

The Night Heron
by Jez Butterworth
Opens 17th April 02, following previews from 11th Apr 02, running to 11th May 02.
It is directed by Ian Rickson, designed by Ultz, with lighting by Mick Hughes. The play features Roger Morlidge, Paul Ritter, Jessica Stevenson , Ray Winstone. The sighting of a rare bird attracts the world's attention to a remote part of the Fens. The visiting birdwatchers cannot know what dangers lie in the freezing darkness of the marshes. In an isolated cabin Wattmore, bruised and bleeding, is recording the Old Testament onto cassette. Griffin arrives with fish and chips. Salvation is at hand - a cash prize for winning the university poetry competition and a possible lodger. Meanwhile, outside the town is stirring.

People Are Friendly
by Michael Wynne
Opens 12th Jun 02, following previews from 7th Jun 02, running to 6th Jul 02.
It is directed by Dominic Cooke, design by John Stephenson, with lighting by Peter Mumford. The cast includes Angela Clarke and Nick Moss. After 12 years in London, Michelle is looking for a fresh start. Selling her poky flat in Clapham, she has bought a large house overlooking the estate where she grew up and the disused shipyards of Birkenhead. Michelle invites her family for a homecoming celebration but the barbecue will not light, the family hates stuffed vine leaves and her sister thinks there's a ghost. Old conflicts reignite and she realises that her new life may not be as perfect as she had planned.


Theatre Upstairs

Kosher Harry
by Nick Grosso
Opens 23rd April 02, following previews from 18th Apr 02, running to 11th May 02.
It is directed by Kathy Burke, designed by David Roger with lighting by Colin Grenfell. There's an abrasive cabbie with a foul mouth, who can't stop blubbing. There's a lonely old woman in a wheelchair, who can't hear a thing. And then there's the world's worst waitress, wearing nothing but her smalls. They are joined in their north London kosher bar by a man with no name who takes them on at their own game.

Where Do We Live
by Christopher Shinn
Opens 21st May 02, following previews from 17th May 02, running to 8th Jun 02.
It is directed by Richard Wilson, designed by Julian McGowan with lighting by Johanna Town. In an apartment in lower Manhattan Stephen spends most of his time writing, looking out of his window and noticing his neighbours. He knows that tragic things have happened to a black family across the hall and now there is more coming and going from their apartment. Across town his friend Patricia works in a bar where she gets better tips when the stock market is up. Stephen's boyfriend is rich, into clubs and drugs and thinks Stephen should avoid the people next door. But Stephen wants to know as much as possible because they are his neighbours.

Mother Teresa is Dead
by Helen Edmundson
Opens 25th Jun 02, following previews from 20th Jun 02, running to 13th Jul 02.
It is directed by Simon Usher and designed by Antony Lamble. Mark arrives in a village near Madras to try and find his wife. He does not understand what has driven her to abandon her young son. Jane cannot explain why she needed to escape or how she ended up looking after children in India or what is in the bag she's been holding on to. It is hot, dusty and poor, and a long way from their comfortable life in London.

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