Royal Court announce two plays for the autumn

Royal Court announce two plays for the autumn

The Royal Court theatre has announced two productions of their Autumn season in the theatre Upstairs.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on 14 July 03.

Playing the Victim,by the Presnyakov Brothers, translated by Sasha Dugdale, co-produced by Royal Court / Told by an Idiot. Opens 2 Sep 03, following previews from 1 Sep 03 and booking to 4 Oct 03.

It is directed by Richard Wilson, designed by Nicolai Hart-Hansen, with lighting by Colin Grenfell. The cast includes: Hayley Carmichael, Paul Hunter, Amanda Lawrence, Michael Glenn Murphy, Freddy Roberts, Andrew Scott.

A young man drops out of University and goes to the Police. He's done nothing wrong, he just wants a job. A particular job. Playing the victim in murder reconstructions. Maybe by getting close to death he can cheat his own.

Duck, by Stella Feehily, co-produced by Royal Court / Out of Joint. Opens 27 Nov 03, following previews from 26 Nov 03 and booking to 10 Jan 04.

It is directed by Max Stafford-Clark, designed by Jonathan Fensom, with lighting by Johanna Town. The cast includes: Gina Moxley, Ruth Negga, Aidan O'Hare, Tony Rohr, Karl Shiels, Elaine Symons.

Cat's got big feet so her boyfriend calls her Duck. Cat's also got: A MIDDLE-AGED LOVER who drinks and writes books; a best friend with brains and a PSYCHOTIC MUM; a boyfriend with a nightclub, a GUN and some unfinished business... But which of these unravelling threads will she follow? Cat and Sophie are teenagers on the brink, growing up in the face of everything a city can throw at them - in a world where your mum's biggest worry is whether the milk's back in the fridge, your lover refuses to say your name and the girl in the next cubicle has a low voice and surprisingly hairy hands... But girls just wanna have fun. You can't learn to be good when your elders are no longer your betters. Somehow, the girls must cope - or find a way of escaping.

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