RSC is to transfer its 'Gunpowder' season of plays to the Trafalgar Studios

RSC is to transfer its ‘Gunpowder’ season of plays to the Trafalgar Studios

The Royal Shakespeare Company is to transfer its ‘Gunpowder’ season of plays marking the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder plot to the Trafalgar Studios in London.

Currently playing at the Swan theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, the season will perform for 10 weeks from 21 December 2005 to 25 February 2006, running in parallel with the RSC’s season of four Shakespeare Comedies at the Novello Theatre (formerly the Strand theatre) on the Aldwych.

RSC Executive Director Vikki Heywood said:
“We were delighted to open the Trafalgar Studios in 2003 with a sell-out run of Gregory Doran’s production of Othello. The venue proved then that it works well for transfers from the Swan theatre so it’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to return with our acclaimed Gunpowder season. “We look forward to welcoming our audiences in the capital who will be able to see nine RSC productions as part of our London Season this year. Thanks to continued support from the Ambassadors Theatre Group who owns the Trafalgar Studios, we are now able to open booking for the Comedies and Gunpowder seasons at the same time.”

(Public Booking opens 1 Oct 2005)

by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.
(Previews from 21 Dec 2005, Opens 22 Dec 2005, closes 31 Dec 2005)
Directed by Sean Holmes, designed by Kandis Cook, lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell. Starring: Teresa Banham (Antigona), Nigel Betts (Cook/Lawyer), Ishia Bennison (Agatha), Michelle Butterly (Siren), Miranda Colchester (Eugenia), Peter de Jersey (Evander), Evelyn Duah (Hippolita), Jon Foster (Courtier), Geoffrey Freshwater (Creon), James Hayes (Lisander), David Hinton (Cratilus/Tailor), Jonjo O'Neill (Simonides), Keith Osborn (Lawyer/Butler), Fred Ridgeway (Gnotho), Vinette Robinson (Parthenia), Matt Ryan (Cleanthes), Mark Springer (Bailiff), Barry Stanton (Leonides) and Julian Stolzenberg (Courtier).
Written in 1632, this is a black comedy in which a law is passed stating that every man of eighty years and every woman at sixty should be 'put down' as they no longer have a use to society.

by Anthony Munday, William Shakespeare and Others.
(Previews from 4 Jan 2006, Opens 5 Jan 2006 , closes 14 Jan 2006)
Directed by Robert Delamore, designed by Simon Higlett, lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell. Starring: Nigel Cooke (Thomas More), Barry Aird (Williamson), Teresa Banham (Lady More), Michelle Butterly (Doll Williamson), Nigel Betts (George Betts), Peter Bramhill (Lifter), Miranda Colchester (More's daughter), Ewen Cummins (Lord Mayor), Ian Drysdale (Lincoln), Evelyn Duah (Lady Mayoress), Jon Foster (Sheriff), Geoffrey Freshwater (Sir Roger Chomley/Erasmus), Kevin Harvey (Francis de Barde), James Hayes (Sir Thomas Palmer), David Hinton (Sherwin/Faulkner), Michael Jenn (Earl of Surrey), Keith Osborn (Suresby), Fred Ridgeway (Clown Betts), Vinette Robinson (Lady Roper), Mark Springer (Caveler), Julian Stolzenberg (Master Roper) and Tim Treloar (Earl of Shrewsbury).
Written between 1592 and 1595, Shakespeare's 'banned' play, in collaboration with Munday and Chettle, tells of the race riots and dissent in London at the time and Thomas More's attempts to quell the uprising. His pleading for racial harmony begins his rise to political prominence but ultimately leads to his downfall.

by Ben Jonson.
(Previews from 17 Jan 2006, Opens 18 Jan 2006 , closes 28 Jan 2006)
Directed by Gregory Doran, designed by Robert Jones, lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell. Starring: William Houston (Sejanus), Barry Aird (Laco), Ishia Bennison (Agrippina), Nigel Betts (Eudemus/Lepidus), Peter Bramhill (Rufus), Miranda Colchester (Livia), Nigel Cooke (Arruntius), Ewen Cummins (Varro), Peter De Jersey (Macro), Ian Drysdale (Latiaris), Jon Foster (Caligula), Geoffrey Freshwater (Silius), Kevin Harvey (Afer/Pomponius), James Hayes (Sabinus), Michael Jenn (Satrius), Jonjo O'Neill (Nero), Keith Osborn (Terrentius/Cordlus), Vinette Robinson (Lady), Matt Ryan (Prince Drusas), Barry Stanton (Tiberius), Tim Treloar (Natta).
Written in 1603, Ben Jonson's political thriller follows the rise of Sejanus, Emperor Tiberius' right hand man, who is ruthlessly working his way to the top, destroying everyone in his way. No-one can stop him, but his fall is inevitable.

by Philip Massinger.
(Previews from 31 Jan 2006, Opens 1 Feb 2006, closes 11 Feb 2006)
Directed by Josie Rourke, designed by Stephen Brimson-Lewis, lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell. Starring: William Houston (Flaminius ), Peter de Jersey ( King Antiochus), Barry Aird (Merchant), Teresa Banham (Cornelia), Peter Bramhill (Philoxenus), Michelle Butterly (Courtesan), Nigel Cooke (Marcellus/Stoic), Ewen Cummins (Merchant), Ian Drysdale (Chrysalus), Evelyn Duah (Prusias &Titus Queen), Kevin Harvey (Merchant), David Hinton (Hanno), Jonjo O ' Neill (Prusias), Fred Ridgeway (Metellus), Matt Ryan (Sempronius), Mark Springer (Amilcar/Prologue), Barry Stanton (Berenthius), Julian Stolzenberg (Asdrubal) and Tim Treloar (Calistus/Demitrius).
A Middle Eastern leader comes out of hiding to reunite his people, but whichever state he turns to for safe harbour is threatened with sanctions by his enemy, the all-powerful Roman Empire. When he finally finds a state to grant him refuge, the super power threatens war.

by Frank McGuinness.
(Previews from 14 Feb 2006, Opens 15 Feb 2006, closes 25 Feb 2006)
Directed by Rupert Goold, designed by Matthew Wright , lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell. Starring: Barry Aird, Teresa Banham, Ishia Bennison, Peter Bramhill, Michelle Butterly, Miranda Colchester, Nigel Cooke, Jon Foster, Kevin Harvey, William Houston, Jonjo O'neill, Keith Osborn, Fred Ridgeway, Vinette Robinson, Matt Ryan, Julian Stolzenberg.
Frank McGuinness' new play deals with the background to the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605.


(Public Booking opens 1 Oct 2005)

by William Shakespeare.
(Previews from 8 Dec 2005, Opens 13 Dec 2005, closes 31 Dec 2005)
Directed by Michael Boyd, designed by Tom Piper.
Starring: Kananu Kirimi (Viola), Clive Wood (Sir Toby Belch), Richard Cordery (Malvolio) , Meg Fraser (Maria) , Forbes Masson (Feste), John Mackay (Sir Andrew Aguecheek ), Peter Bygott (Fabian), Eke Chukwu (Attendant), Barnaby Kay (Orsino), Aislin McGuckin (Olivia), Neil McKinven (Antonio), Alan Morrissey (Curio), Christopher Obi (Sea Captain), Barrie Palmer (Officer), Christopher Robert (Priest), Gurpreet Singh (Sebastian), Sally Tatum (Maid) and Kevin Trainor (Valentine).

by William Shakespeare.
(Previews from 6 Jan 2006, Opens 10 Jan 2006, closes 28 Jan 2006)
Directed by Nancy Meckler, designed by Katrina Lindsay, lighting by Tim Mitchell.
Starring: Alice Barclay (Lady), Suzanne Burden (Adriana), Christopher Colquhoun (Antipholus of Ephesus), Richard Cordery (Egeon), Joe Dixon (Antipholus of Syracuse), Tom Hodgkins (Doctor Pinch), Frances Jeater (Emilia), Bettrys Jones (Lady), Sinead Keenan (Courtesan), Kananu Kirimi (Luciana), Forbes Masson (Dromio of Ephesus), Neil McKinven (Solinus), Christopher Obi (Merchant), Oscar Pearce (Angelo), Jonathan Slinger (Dromio of Syracuse) and Kevin Trainor (Messenger).

by William Shakespeare.
(Previews from 2 Feb 2006, Opens 7 Feb 2006, closes 25 Feb 2006)
Directed by Gregory Doran, designed by Stephen Brimson Lewis, lighting by Tim Mitchell.
Starring: Amanda Harris (Titania), Joe Dixon (Oberon), Malcolm Storry (Bottom), Trystan Gravelle (Lysander), Oscar Pearce (Demetrius), Jamie Ballard (Flute), Peter Bankole (Fairy), Alice Barclay (Fairy), Paul Chahidi (Quince), Edward Clayton (Snug), Tom Hodgkins (Egeus), Bettrys Jones (1st Fairy), Sinead Keenan (Hermia), Geoffrey Lumb (Fairy), Chris McGill (Fairy), Caitlin Mottram (Helena), Miles Richardson (Theseus), David Rogers (Snout), Bridgitta Roy (Hippolyta), Jonathan Slinger (Puck), and Patrick Waldron (Starveling).

by William Shakespeare.
(Previews from 2 Mar 2006, Opens 7 Mar 2006, closes 25 Mar 2006)
Directed by Dominic Cooke, designed by Rae Smith, lighting by Paul Arditti.
Starring: Lia Williams (Rosalind), Jamie Ballard (Silvius), Peter Bygott (Corin), Paul Chahidi (Touchstone), Edward Clayton (Sir Oliver Martext), Meg Fraser (Audrey), Trystan Gravelle (Jacques de Boys), Amanda Harris (Celia), Nicky Henson (Dukes), John Mackay (Oliver), Chris McGill (Forest Lord), Alan Morrissey (Dennis), Caitlin Mottram (Phebe), Joseph Mydell (Jaques), Miles Richardson (Le Beau), David Rogers (Charles the Wrestler), Gurpreet Singh (Amiens/Hymen), Sally Tatum (Hisperia) and Patrick Waldron (Adam).

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