Ruby in the Dust's Romeo and Juliet at Leicester Sq Basement from 1 June 2010

Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, adapted by Ruby In The Dust, opens at the Leicester Square Theatre Basement, on 4 June 2010, following previews from 1 June - running to 11 July 2010.

Directed by Linnie Reedman, choreography by Luisa Hinchliff. Original live music by Joe Evans.

Cast includes Daniel Finn (Romeo), Olivia Vinall (Juliet), Chris Gee, David Laughton, Christos Lawton, Dan Moore, Imogen Vinden-North, Martin Dickinson..

Set against the contemporary backdrop of Mussolini’s Italy. Using this setting to unleash the themes at the heart of this familiar story, the company place the family rivalry into the context of Mussolini’s oppressive regime, depicting the two lovers’ struggle against the shadow of fascist rule. Count Capulet is portrayed as a militant member of Mussolini’s secret police, whilst Friar Lawrence’s character is paralleled with the many priests who opened their doors to Jewish refugees at the time.

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