Ruby Wax - Losing It at Menier Chocolate Factory 15 Feb

Comedienne, interviewer and documentary maker Ruby Wax, will star in her new stage show Ruby Wax - Losing It, at the Menier Chocolate Factory from 15 Feb to 19 Mar 2011.

It is directed by Thea Sharrock, and produced by Chocolate Factory Productions in conjunction with MJE Productions.

"A while back you couldn't mention you were gay, then came the 'C' word (cancer) and not so long ago you couldn't even say you were a witch. Now the big stigma is mental illness which is weird because one in four of us has got it" - Ruby Wax

In this sometimes dark show Ruby Wax, from the point of view as one in the one in four, discusses the toxins of our time - envy, fame, television, the insatiable drive to win, getting rich, getting the perfect body, marriage, kids, career and above all staying busy while looking like you're having a nice day. This is why we all, at one point in our lives, feel like we're about to go under or in Ruby's case, fall off a cliff.

This story is told with Wax’s 'distinctive wit, sharp observation and worldly wisdom', alongside Judith Owen’s music which serves as the emotional soundtrack to Wax's words.

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