Salad Days by Tete a Tete at Riverside Studios

Tête à Tête presents Salad Days, at the Riverside Studios 2, in Hammersmith, west London, from 20 Dec 2012 to 2 March 2013

Music by Julian Slade, book & lyrics by Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds.

It is is directed, designed and lit by Tête à Tête regulars Bill Bankes-Jones, Tim Meacock and Mark Doubleday. Choreography by Quinny Sacks.

Cast includes Luke Alexander, Lee Boggess, Charlie Cameron, Richard Kent Chalk, Nicholas Collier, Matthew Hawksworth, Mark Inscoe, Kathryn Martin, Leo Miles, Tom Millen, Katie Moore, Gemma Page, Ellie Robertson, Tanya Stephens, Tony Timberlake, Josephine Warren.

In a sunny, happy, optimistic and often absurd 1954, Timothy and Jane graduate from University. Under pressure from their parents they have to find a job and a husband, respectively. Timothy's family send him off to meet a series of influential and increasingly eccentric uncles, while Jane's mother lines up a series of eligible but dull potential husbands. A chance meeting with a tramp brings the couple together as his street piano – named Minnie - gives everyone an irresistible and unstoppable urge to dance. The tramp gives Timothy the job of looking after the piano for a month. Once the month is over and after all kinds of wonderful adventures – including a ride in a flying saucer - Minnie the piano is passed on to a new couple and Timothy and Jane's families are reconciled.

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