Same gender production of Romeo and Juliet to run at the Union Theatre

An adapted production of Shakespeare's play runs at the Union

Same gender production of Romeo and Juliet to run at the Union Theatre

A new production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has been announced to run at the Union Theatre in Southwark, south London this May set against the world of Premiership Football.

Running from 29 April to 20 May with an official opening on 3 May, this new production is directed by Andy Bewley and stars Sam Perry, Abram Rooney, Sam Wilson, Henri Merriam, Celeste De Veazey, Gabrielle Nellis-Pain, Jack J Fairly, Katie Beudert, Kate Hardisty, Allegra Marland, Anthony Fagan, Sarah Barron and Steven Rodgers.

"Currently, not one of the 4000 professional footballers in this country are homosexual. And yet for a large proportion of the country football is life, love and religion. Why is it so difficult to be male and gay in sport? And, what would the consequences of someone coming out be?"

This new take on Shakespeare's tragedy, produced by Victor Harvey Productions, is set in a world where football is a religion and Romeo and Juliet are two young men trying to begin careers in the industry but find themselves 'star-crossed' against prejudice. With reinventions such as a female Paris and a younger Nurse, this production challenges audiences to redefine their views on Shakespeare, sport and masculinity.

Tickets for the production are now on sale.

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