Sedos presents House and Garden by Alan Ayckbourn

Sedos presents House and Garden, by Alan Ayckbourn, from 24 Oct to 3 Nov 2012.

GARDEN will be performed in the BRIDEWELL THEATRE, and simultaneously, HOUSE will be performed in the BRIDEWELL HALL. The actors leave one stage to join the action in the other.

All the cast perform in both plays; their characters remain the same throughout!

Directed by Matt Gould, cast includes Pete Bryans, Mel Johnson, Shani Schwartz, Peter Myers, Anne-Marie Chronnell, Myles Dobson, Chris de Pury, Mark Ryan, Louise Bakker, Lucy Allenby, Charlotte Price, Paul Francis , Maggie Robson, Sarah Evans

The plays are set in the present day in the country manor house of the Platt Family. The action in HOUSE takes place in principal ground floor sitting room, which backs onto the garden of the house. The action in GARDEN takes place simultaneously in the lower meadow, which is behind the 'formal' garden

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