Soften the Grey at The Hope Theatre

6FootStories present Soften the Grey at The Hope Theatre, a 50 seat studio space above the Hope & Anchor pub in Islington, north London, from 13 to 31 January 2015.

The play, which is described as "A frenzied tale of life, death and life after death. And death after life", is written and performed by Jake Hassam (the Receptionist) and Nigel Munson (the Diver).

Synopsis: "When a young diver finds himself trapped in a tunnel and runs out of air, he naturally assumes it’s game over. But then he’s transported to a bizarre Citizens Advice Bureau for the deceased, staffed only by an eccentric and mysterious receptionist, and things start to get a little confusing. Taken on a whistle-stop tour of his past, the dead diver is shown a glimpse of any and every possible afterlife there is, and together, he and the receptionist must work out which eternal path is best."

Jake Hassam and Nigel Munson are the co-artistic directors of 6FootStories. They developed Soften the Grey in 2013, and the play has previously been performed at various venues and festivals such as Theatre503, the Ventnor Fringe, the BikeShed in Exeter and at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

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