Solaris adapted by Dimitri Devdariani at Courtyard Theatre

Solaris, based on the novel by Stanisuaw Lem, adapted and directed by Dimitri Devdariani, at the Main House at the Courtyard Theatre, from 14 Nov to 8 Dec 2012.

Designed by Lucy Barth, lighting by Viktor Palfi, sound by Viktor Palfi. Produced by Cira Luna Theatre Ltd and Rogue Biscuit Productions.

Starring Charles Church ( Kris Kelvin), Tara Godolphin (Rheya), Jacob Trenerry (Dr Sartorius), John Exell ( Dr Snow), Murray Simon (Gibarian), Louise McConnell (Gibarian’s visitor).

Aboard a scientific research station orbiting the planet Solaris, the plot follows psychologist Kris Kelvin, sent to the planet to study the ocean covering its surface. On arrival, he is confronted by a painful, hitherto unconscious memory, embodied in the physical likeness of a long-dead former lover. As other scientists aboard the ship appear to suffer similar torments, questions arise about what the 'ocean' really is. Could it be a sophisticated organism capable of incarnating the memories? Can humans truly understand the universe around us without first understanding what lies within?

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