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Southwark Playhouse to host ‘SWK Fest’

12 productions will be staged over two weeks.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Southwark Playhouse will acknowledge the dozens of productions that missed out on being shown to live audiences in a brand new festival. Titled SWK Fest, the fortnight-long event will see 12 different shows staged every night, with performances from 5 - 17 July.

Later this month, Paul Rider and John Sackville will star in the London revival of Staircase. Find out more about Staircase at Southwark Playhouse here.

A full list of shows in SWK Fest are as follows:

Ellipsis: Isabelle Farah's comedy asks how stand-up comics can deal with grief and still be funny. Runs 5 July.

Exile: Inspired by the women that travel from Ireland to England to get an abortion, Exiles explores the power of home and identity. Runs 6 July.

LOVE (Watching Madness): Izzy Kabban's award-winning play celebrates the power of mothers and daughters. Runs 7 July.

Chronic: Cat Bensley and Stuart Foulston's work asks how unconscious medical bias can play a role in chronic illness. Runs 9 July.

My Grandma's A Walrus: Genevieve Sabherwal's work centres on Naira, deemed too white to be Indian and too brown to be English. How does race affect our love lives? Runs 10July.

FELT (Work in Progress): The Muppets do Waiting for Godot in Pip Williams' work, following two puppets used in childrens TV. Runs 12 July.

Words Without Consent: Ellen Patterson and Katie Rice's play satirises the lives of everyday women. Runs 13 July.

Fake News: When a young journalist lands a dream internship, he presses publish on a story that is later revealed to be untrue. Osman Baig's autobiographical play is on 14 July.

Badgers Can't Be Friends: A headteacher assesses the impact of a failing education system in Joe Skelton's drama. Runs 15 July.

The Graham Show: Extra Graham: Graham de la Cruz brings his Irish cabaret to Southwark Playhouse. Runs 16 July.

This is a Love Song: Mark Fenton's play follows two women who meet and fall in love, six weeks before the world ends. Runs 17 July.

Photo credit: Southwark Playhouse (Photo by Southwark Playhouse)

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