Stand Tall A Rock Musical at Landor Theatre from 12 Oct

Stand Tall - A Rock Musical , by Lee Wyatt-Buchan, Aldie Chalmers & Sandy Chalmers, at the Landor Theatre, in Clapham, south London, from 12 Oct 2011 to 12 Nov 2011.

Directed by Simon Greiff, produced by Shrill Productions, Jason Ferguson and Charmaine Watson.

Based on the biblical tale of David and Goliath but re-told in a current day-to-day setting. Gone is the sling and David now has an electric guitar. The 17 songs range from  rock to hip-hop and blues. David's life is good - shepherd by day, rock star by night. He and his band of brothers frequently rock out and are adored by thousands. His life however gets complicated when he is proclaimed to be The Chosen One by the mystical Black Sheep. David has been given the honour of becoming King...he's just not sure. This could actually get in the way of his music! Goliath is a bully by day, bully by night! He and his gang of hoods cause mayhem and chaos across town, revelling in their tyranny and ruining the lives of many. Does Goliath like the news that a Shepherd boy is to become his King? No he doesn't. In fact he's angry. No sheep lover is going to tell him how to live his life! Goliath has one thing on his mind and hurting David is it.

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