The Almeida announce 2009 Season!

The Almeida announce 2009 Season!

The Almeida Theatre has announced six new productions for its 2009 Season and one Shakespeare in 2010.

22 Jan to 14 March 2009
Duet For One
by Tom Kempinski.
Directed by Matthew Lloyd, designed by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Jason Taylor, sound by John Leonard. Starring Juliet Stevenson (Stephanie Abrahams), Henry Goodman (Dr Feldmann).
Celebrated concert violinist Stephanie Abrahams is forced to rethink her career and her life after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. On the advice of her husband, a successful composer she consults psychiatrist Dr Feldmann, whose probing questions delve deep into her complex personality. For the first time, Stephanie is forced to consider a future without music.

19 March to 9 May 2009
Parlour Song
by Jez Butterworth.
Directed by Ian Rickson, designed by Jeremy Herbert, lighting by Peter Mumford.
Ned and Joy are a married couple. He is a demolition expert, she is a housewife. They live in a house that adjoins neighbour Dale and seventy eight other houses just like theirs. Occasionally they enjoy a game of scrabble. But Ned has a recurring dream and a recurring problem; things keep disappearing. Parlour Song is a comedy that explores what happens when two ordinary people discover they hate who they have become, in a world where all is not what is seems.

19 March to 9 May 2009
When The Rain Stops Falling
by Andrew Bovell
Directed by Michael Attenborough , designed by Miriam Buether , lighting by Colin Grenfell, sound by Paul Arditti.
An epic play spanning four generations and two continents, When The Rain Stops Falling moves from the claustrophobia of a 1950’s London flat to the windswept coast of Southern Australia and into the heart of the Australian desert. When The Rain Stops Falling weaves together a series of interconnected stories, as seven people confront their mysteries of the past in order to understand their future, revealing how patterns of betrayal, love and abandonment are passed on, until finally, well into the future, as the desert is inundated with rain, one young man finds the courage to defy the legacy.

4 Sep to 17 Oct 2009
Judgment Day
by Odon von Horvath, new version by Christopher Hampton
Directed by James Macdonald , designed by Miriam Buether.
Written and set in 1937 in a small village in Austria, diligent station master Thomas Hudetz is a well respected member of his local community. That is until the charms of flirtatious young Anna distract him momentarily from the operation of the signals. There are no survivors from Express Train 405. The small town seeks a culprit but it seems only Anna knows the truth about the conscientious station master.

22 Oct to 5 Dec 2009
A Quiet Island
by Samuel Adamson
Directed by Indu Rubasingham .
Five years ago music icon Tom Stark walked out of a family party and vanished. On a remote Greek Island his teenage daughter Vick is searching for him; two sightings posted on her website offer real hope. On the same island Sean and his wife Charlotte are trying to recover from the recent accidental death of their child. A brief encounter hurtles Sean into a cyber world of die hard fans and a dangerous obsession with Vick, a girl out of control.

10 Dec 2009 to 30 Jan 2010
by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Roger Michell. Produced by Almeida in association with Sonia Friedman Productions
Said to be inspired by the real life murder of a young boy in 1920 by two University of Chicago students, Leopold and Loeb, Hamilton's thriller is set in a Mayfair apartment. Wyndham Brandon and Charles Granillo have murdered fellow student Ronald Kentley and deposited his body in a chest in their living room. Believing they are above common morality and suspicion they invite the student’s father, his aunt and several of their friends over for tea, served on the chest.

Measure for Measure
by William Shakespeare, directed by Michael Attenborough will be the first Almeida production to open in 2010. Further details for this production, including casting, will be announced at a later date.

Public Booking opens 5 November 2008 for Duet For One, Parlour Song, When the Rain Stops Falling.

Public Booking opens 13 May 2009 for Judgment Day, A Quiet Island, Rope

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