The Comedy Of Oedipus by Ali Salem - Lion & Unicorn

El-Alfy Theatre Company presents The Comedy Of Oedipus, by Ali Salem, at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, a 60-seat fringe venue in Kentish Town, north London, from 18 June to 13 July 2013.

Directed by Ahmed El-Alfy, designed by Jenny Gamble, costumes by Libby Everall, lighting by Christopher Nairne.

Cast includes Elliott Pritchard (Oedipus), Caroline Ginty (Jocasta), Matthew Eaton (Creon), Buchan Lennon (Tiresias), Adrian Relph (Hormoheb), Harry Belcher (Awalih), Timothy George (Onah), Miranda Menzies (Kami), Manos Koutsis (Senefru), Jack Badley (Police Officer), Natasha Karp (Nefer), Tom Phillips (Kaiit), Miranda Menzies, Natasha Karp, Tom Phillips, Jack Badley,

What if Oedipus lived in Ancient Egypt, killed the Sphinx, and became a personality cult - his face on the cover of the Time magazine? Surreal version of Sophocles’ classical tragedy in the Thebes of Ancient Egypt - only this land of pharoahs and pyramids has popularity contests and papparazzi, too, and however hard Oedipus tries to modernise his people’s thinking, they only worship him more.

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