The Courtyard Theatre - 3 May to 10 July 2011

The Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton, north London, has announced productions from 3 May to 10 July 2011.

In the Main Theatre...

3 to 15 May 2011
Previously announced, Agamemnon, by Aeschylus, presented by London Actors Group

17 to 22 May 2011
The Comedy of Errors, by William Shakespeare, presented by N1 Theatre Company, directed by Paul Gladwin. Set on a Mediterranean island in the 1980s. Witness bikini clad babes battling with brainless brothers; witness mistaken identity, mistaken seduction mistaken mayhem and mistaken madness. Shakespeare’s farce with classic hits from the cheesetastic 1980s!

24 to 29 May 2011
The Strangeness of Others, by Nick Ward, presented by N1 Theatre Company, directed by Howard Ross. Contemporary London: a city in which a range of individuals - rich, poor, young, old - are locked together in a network of shifting relationships.

31 May to 3 July 2011
Conjugal Rites, by Roger Hall, presented by Andersson Productions. Barry, a dentist, and his wife Gen are in bed when the play begins. They are about to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary. The scene- their bedroom- remains the same throughout the play, as we see the couple discussing their marriage, their grown-up children and their work. It is clear that a major shift has occurred in the power balance between the two of them, since Gen has studied for a law degree in later life, and has recently become a practising solicitor. Towards the end of the play there are revelations about infidelities on both their parts- Barry with a patient, and Gen with one of her fellow solicitors.


In the Studio Theatre...

3 May to 4 June 2011
Primrose Hill Ladies Club, by Bern Bowers, presented by PHLC Productions, directed by Gary Wright. The Primrose Hill Ladies Club is no place for ladies! It’s a boarding house and school for men - real men - who are compelled, for different reasons, to escape routine as well as their wives and family to live as women for a day or two, every now and again. Set in 1968 and based on a real-life madam, Frau Mili Herschel is a Jewish emigre from Berlin, who caters to the quirkiness of a diverse collection of clients who range from senior politicians, lords, judges, army and police officers to the odd rabbi as well as a bishop or two.

7 to 12 June 2011
Printed Linen, by Alex Everard. Boy meets girl. Banker meets student. Money meets debt. Their lives are poles apart but here they are together. In the same room over 6 nights they discover what the real cost of living is. Does everything have a price. Is anything actually free. And can money really make you happy.

5 to 10 July 2011
A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare, presented by Goodmann Pro / CL Theatre Coductions, directed by Petina Hapgood. On a trip back in time to the era of drive-in B-movies, alien invasions and ropey special effects...

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