The Courtyard Theatre July to Nov 2011

The Courtyard Theatre has announced productions in the main House from July to Nov 2011, which includes...

This Could Be The Last Time by Scrawny Cat Theatre Company, from 5 to 10 July 2011. Directed by Charley Ive, starring Freya Finnerty, Angie Fullman, Stephanie Hampton, Graham Newmarch .How do you keep calm and carry on when this could be the last time? November 1940. London. The sky over the ravaged city is dark with German planes and the world below is lit by flames. Four strangers take cover in a local shelter.This Could Be the Last Time, is based on the history of the Blitz and the lives of those who worked and lived through one of the darkest, yet most inspiring, periods inLondon’s history. It is a tale of memory and loss, of hope and reconciliation and about how far we will go to protect what is ours.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, produced by Immersion Theatre, from 2 to 28 Aug 2011. Directed by Charley Ive & Rupert Holloway. Set in the dusty heat of Civil War Spain. The Republican soldiers arrive at Leonato’s homestead fresh from war expecting food, board, entertainment and romance to celebrate their victorious campaign. Their appearance, however, sends the lives of Beatrice, Hero, Leonato and his entire household into a world of disarray. The fight for the country is nearly over, but the battle of the sexes is only just beginning. Just how far will people go to get what they want?

The Company of Strangers by Carol Bunyan, from 30 Aug to 25 Sep 2011. A dark comedy about lost dreams. The characters are all strangers together, misfits at life’s final outpost, the Restmore Nursing Home.This surreal circus is ring-mastered by the Senior Nurse, a man pursued by a terrible mistake that has haunted his life. He wages a relentless war of attrition with Matron, a woman feeling the sharp bite of desperation as she trawls lonely hearts columns.

Revenge of the Grand Guignol by The Theatre of the Damned, directed by Tom Richards & Stewart Pringle, from 25 Oct to 27 Nov 2011. From cruel experiments in forgotten laboratories to the blitzed munitions factories of World War 2 Coventry, Theatre of the Damned take you on a visceral journey into the blood-soaked world of the Grand Guignol.

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