The Devil And Mister Punch at Barbican Pit.

The Devil And Mister Punch, is at the Barbican Pit from 02 Feb 2012 - 25 Feb 2012.

Devised by Julian Crouch, Rob Thirtle, Nick Haverson, John Foti, Saskia Lane, Jessica Scott and Seamus Maynard, text by Nick Haverson, Julian Crouch and Rob Thirtle, directed by Julian Crouch, designed by Julian Crouch, Rob Thirtle and Mike Kerns, sound by Darron West, lighting by Marcus Doshi, costume by Sarah Laux with Julian Crouch, music and lyrics by John Foti, Saskia Lane, Julian Crouch and the company, puppet design by Julian Crouch with Jessica Scott, produced by Improbable.

Cast includes Nick Haverson, Rob Thirtle, Jessica Scott, Saskia Lane, John Foti and Seamus Maynard.

The Devil and Mister Punch is a tragical comedy of manslaughter and love. It's Punch and Judy but as presented by Messrs Harvey and Hovey, a pair of broken vaudevillians who have played them all and are now in the gutter. In a small world writ large by a dog at a typewriter, the indefatigable Mr Punch is chased down for his crimes and put before the Judge. But it is creativity itself that is put in the dock and the whole show goes to Hell.

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