The Devils by John Whiting at The Bridewell

SEDOS, an amateur theatre group based in central London will present a new production of The Devils by John Whiting at The Bridewell Theatre, off Fleet Street, from 17 to 21 March 2015.

The play was originally commissioned by Sir Peter Hall for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1960 and is based on Aldous Huxley's book 'The Devils of Loudun'. It tells the story of demonic possession and mass hysteria and abstractly relates to the witch-trial mentality of the McCarthy hearings of the early 1950s.

The cast for the production incudes Benjamin Press (Father Mignon), Jessica Clements (Trincant), Jimi Odell (Adam), Juliette Chrisman (D'Armagnac), Liz Stevens (Phillipe), Matthew Tylianakis (De Cerisay/Cardinal Richelieu), Michael Mayne (Father Barre), Rowena Turner (Sister Jeanne), Sam Gregson (Mannoury), Sam Pearce (Father Grandier), Steph Urquhart (Ninion/Sister Claire), Simon Hill, Sorcha Boyce and Stephen Maher.

The play tells the story of Father Urbain Grandier, a young, educated, charming priest. People from around the country are drawn to the small city of Loudun to hear him speak. When he turns down the position of head priest at St Ursula's Convent, the convent's prioress takes umbrage, avenging herself by claiming possession by devils set upon her by Grandier. The hysteria becomes widespread, letting Grandier's enemies make an example of him by putting him to trial for consorting with the Devil.

SEDOS is an amateur theatre group and a registered charity with a membership of over 200. The company, which was was founded in 1905 by senior members of the stock exchange, puts on between 6 and 8 productions and year and includes a diverse range of talent from all over London.

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