The Great Gatsby at Wilton's Music Hall 20 April 2012

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. adapted by Peter Joucla, at Wilton's Music Hall, in east London, from 20 Apr to 19 May 2012.

Directed by Peter Joucla, designed by Lucy Wilkinson, lighting by Filippo de Capitani.

Published in 1925, a year before the catastrophic collapse of the American stock markets, Fitzgerald’s novel graphically portrays a society being destroyed by money and dishonesty, an American Dream of happiness and individualism degenerating into the mere pursuit of wealth. (Filled with live and evocative jazz music from the twenties and recreating the glitz and decadence of the period.)

This production is an adaptation of the book for the stage. There will be singing and dancing throughout the play in this version. The rooms at the front of Wilton’s will be converted into various places, inspired by the book, before the show from 6pm, during the interval and after the show until 11pm. There will be live music after the show in the bar – they will be of the period bands, dancers, guest artists and so on. Audiences will be encouraged to stay and enjoy the whole experience. There will be of the period food and merchandise and dressing up accessories too.

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