The Horla and Pigeon Man Apocalypse by Second Skin

Second Skin Theatre presents a double bill, The Horla / Pigeon Man Apocalypse, both adapted by Andy McQuade, at the White Rabbit Theatre, in Stoke Newington, north London, from 3 to 14 July 2013.

These two haunting and occasionally blackly humorous tales of dislocation, madness and liberation, are designed by Ana Ines Jabares, lighting by Anna Sbokou, and sound by Luca Romagnoli .

The Horla, inspired by Guy De Maupassant, directed by Liyu, starring Maud Madlyn. Tells the haunting story of one woman's battle with betrayal and a demonic creature that threatens her life and sanity.

Pigeon Man Apocalypse , by William Whitehurst, directed by Andy McQuade, starring Mark Binet. Telling the tale of Arthur Cork, a disturbed boy who inhabits a warehouse with only pigeons for company... and sustenance... and with a horrific story to be told.

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