The Last Pilgrim by Roy Smiles at the White Bear 28 Sep

The Last Pilgrim, by Roy Smiles, at the White Bear Theatre, a fringe venue in Kennington, south London, from 28 Sep to 23 Oct 2010.

Directed by Tim Stark, starring Sean Patterson as 'Bobby Kennedy'.

Depicts a fictional encounter between Bobby Kennedy and three reporters who have gathered in the Ambassador¹s Hotel, Los Angeles to interview the man tipped to become Democratic candidate for the 1968 presidential race. They are: Tom Quinn, a disillusioned Irish-American, James Gordon, a black activist and Nancy Buckman, an anti-war liberal.

Over the course of a memorable evening the three will discover a man transformed by grief who might just have saved his country from Richard Nixon and many more years of the Vietnam War. But this is not just a biographical, historical play about the life of Bobby Kennedy: as the personal drama surrounding the three reporters unfolds and becomes entwined with Bobby's enigmatic story, a powerful and timely reflection of current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan emerges.

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