The Lion and Unicorn present Voices by Stuart Clarke

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town, north London, will present Voices by Stewart Clarke from 7 April to 25 April 2015, with an official opening on 9 April 2015.

This new drama is based on the words and memoirs of soldiers who fell in the Great War and those they left behind.

"In the early 1920s two men meet up in an act of remembrance of their comrades who died in Europe. A game of ghosts. A journey paved with the slaying of a generation. It is a sad and terrible one filled with humour, song, dignity and a willingness to accept their fate."

The cast for the production includes Anthony Cord and Richard Zanik. The production offers its special thanks to the late WW1 veteran Alfred "Alf" Razzell who was a member of the Royal Fusiliers, for his bravery and for sharing his memories on which the production is based.

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