The Love and Devotion of Ridley Smith - Old Red Lion

The Old Red Lion will present the premiere of The Love and Devotion of Ridley Smith by Miran Hadzic at The Old Red Lion in Angel, north London, from 23 September to 11 October 2014.

The show is set in 2014 and concerns money, love and freedom and explores the anxieties we face here and now. Described by the venue as "a truly contemporary production", the darkly comic story explores some of those terrifyingly huge questions: Is there a plan? Do you have to choose between happiness and success? Can you be truly free of money in our society?

The cast for the production includes Terry Diab, Stewart Lockwood, Tom Machell, and Lottie Vallis . It is directed by Katharine Armitage and features designs by Georgia de Grey, lighting by Jacob Corn and sound design by David Webb.

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