The Magnetic Lady by Ben Jonson at White Bear 7 Sep

Lights of London productions presents The Magnetic Lady, by Ben Jonson, at the White Bear Theatre, in Kennington, south London from 7 to 25 Sep 2010.

Directed by Elizabeth Elstub, designed by James Sheppard, lighting by Jason Osterman, costumes by Catherine Wheaton & Louie Thomas .

Cast includes Michael Bagwell, Maggie Robson, Gareth Pilkington, Jennifer Shakesby, Juliet Lundholme, Sanjay Sutar, Matt Mowatt, Anthony Acosta, Andrew Chevalier, Billy Knowles, Matthew Leigh, Jonathan Benda, Sharron Byrne, Darrie Gardner.

Updated to the stylish 1930’s. The fabulously wealthy Lady Loadstone holds a dinner party to marry off her young niece Placentia Steele, who possesses a large dowry, which is kept in the tightfisted hands of Sir Moth Interest. With a motley assortment of gentlemen dinner guests in attendance, all motivated by either love or money, and a household of unmanageable servants, the outcome is a comic and complex tangle of misunderstandings, mishaps and marriages!

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