The Pajama Men at Charing Cross Theatre

The Pajama Men - In the Middle of No One is coming to the Charing Cross Theatre (formerly New Players Theatre), from 09 Jan - 03 Mar 2012.

The Pajama Men - In the Middle of No One, produced by David Johnson and John Mackay in association with Soho Theatre.

The Pajama Men are Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez.

In The Middle of No One sees a lone explorer leave his wife and child behind in search of things most people have never seen, let alone know about. Meanwhile a dimwitted and affable, genius space-man (who discovered timetravel in a morally confusing way) struggles to make the right decision by doing exactly the wrong thing. You'll also meet; some vicious housewives, a gigantic sea monster known only as the Ice Beast, an unhelpful robot, a very rare bird and more, as the Pajama Men jump from character to character in the blink of an eye. Note: This show description is subject to change: Completely.

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