The Soho Theatre announces Spring season

The Soho Theatre, an off west end fringe venue, has announced its Spring season for Mar - Jul 2012, which includes...

21 Mar 2012 - 14 Apr 2012 (in the Main House)
A Walk On Part - The Fall Of New Labour From the diaries of Chris Mullin, adapted for the stage by Michael Chaplin, directed by Max Roberts. Cast includes John Hodgkinson (Chris Mullin). Chris Mullin's witty, irreverent take on contemporary politics, A Walk On Part, reflects three worlds during a time of crisis and change - the febrile political village of Westminster, the flash points of Africa he toured as a Minister and the fragile community he served as an MP.

17 Apr 2012 - 05 May 2012 (in the Main House)
Swamp Juice, written and performed by Jeff Achtem, directed by Steve Marmion and Max Roberts. Welcome to a swamp like no other: bickering toads, overbearing fairies and a rather gentle swamp monster. Using mind-blowing shadow puppetry, Canadian performer Jeff Achtem brings his show about life in a swamp with a stunning, jaw dropping 3D finale.

30 May 2012 - 16 Jun 2012 (in the Main House)
Boys, by Ella Hickson, directed by Robert Icke. It's finals day for the Class of 2011. Benny, Mack, Timp and Cam are due out of their five bedroom flat tomorrow morning; five bedrooms, five chairs, four boys - and one hell of a party. Stepping into a world that doesn’t want them, these boys start to wonder whether there's any point in getting any older. How will they find the fight to make it as adults? Tonight marks the end of an era. It’s hot. And there’ll be girls. Predict a riot.

20 Jun 2012 - 14 Jul 2012 (in the Main House)
Utopia, directed by Steve Marmion and Max Roberts. Enough of the dystopian visions, austerity measures and extreme renditions. Utopia is a night of humanity at its best, looking at a different vision of our future, a vision of humankind being both human and kind. Just look at what we could have won...

Artistic Directors Steve Marmion and Max Roberts commission writers to create new short plays challenging visions of our future.

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