The Space announces 2015 Summer Season

The Space Theatre, a performing arts centre based in a converted church on the Isle of Dogs, east London, has announced details of its Summer 2015 Season.

The season includes:

Presented by Blue Sketch, the drama is written by Victoria Gimby and features direction by Eleanor Clare Taylor choreography by Leah Georges and design by Isabella Van Braeckel.

"Examines the tenuous moral dilemmas faced when Matthew, a devout Catholic, confesses his sexual attraction to children. In the outskirts of Glasgow, Matthew, his wife Jenny and his inexperienced priest struggle to deal with the fallout from Matthew’s confession, forcing all three to question where their own faith lies."

When We Dead Awaken (12 May to 30 May, Press Night 14 May 2015).

Les Foules Theatre return to The Space with a new adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's drama directed by Nathalie Adlam.

"Famous sculptor Rubek and his wife Maia holiday at a resort deep in the mountain pines. Both are unsettled by a string of strange encounters with other hotel guests. Rubek is shocked into a state of passion and reawakening by the appearance of his former muse – fellow artist Irene. Sharp, cool and angry, she envisions herself petrified by Rubek’s previous abandonment of her. Meanwhile, Ulfheim, a bear hunter, turns up and seduces Maia with his sensuous impulsiveness. Together, the guests track their way up the side of the mountain towards the final act."

Becoming Mohammed (16 June to 18 June, Press Night 17 June 2015).

Devised by and starring James Rey, Sherine Chalhie, and Philippa Carson, it is directed by Annemiek Van Elst with design by Syed Shahid Nisar.

"Tonight, two siblings will be reunited live on television. You will be in the audience. Watch as they visit their past, be surprised by their present and discover their futures face grave opposition..."

Anonymous Anonymous (23 June to 27 June 2015).

Felicity Paterson presents this drama by Philip Carter Lindsey, directed by Grace Gummer.

A group of Internet addicts meet in a church hall to deal with their addictions. Group Leader Allison swings between grating positivity and despotic demands. Lifestyle blogger ‘Ask’ Aaliyah attempts to stage a coup. Michael the video junkie, desperate for validation, jumps at the opportunity to share first. George the cyberstalker, well, he says suspiciously little. Then there’s Sam. Where is Sam exactly?

Trouble in Tahiti and Other Birds of Paradise (30 June to 04 July 2015).

Green Girl Productions present a new version of Leonard Bernstein's opera, directed by Mackenzie Thorpe.

"Sam and Dinah live a picture perfect, white picket-fence existence. The American Dream. But scratch the surface and the veneer falls away. There is trouble in paradise."

Level Headed (07 Jul to 11 July 2015).

The Limb2Limb Company present and direct this new piece by Leah Georges.

"Set in an alternative London where food is a thing of luxury, health is dished out in tablets and sharing with strangers is strictly forbidden. There’s no clocking in and out here, you’re in or you’re out!"

Driving Me Round The Bend (15 Jul to 19 July 2015).

TLC Productions present a new comedy written by and starring Nigel Fairs and Louise Jameson. "George and Georgina Best have been married forever and are driving to their daughter’s on Christmas Eve. The atmosphere is tense; even the Sat Nav has her own agenda!"

Twelfth Night (21 July to 08 August, Press Night 23 July 2015).

Pell Mell Theatre present Shakespeare's classic comedy, directed by Natalie York.

"Orsino, a brilliant and maniacal master of ceremonies, is desperate to regain the services of Olivia, his former leading lady, lost in a sinkhole of depression ever since the death of her brother. The only one who can bring a smile back to her face is Orsino’s newest recruit, the clown Cesario, a youth with remarkable talents, not only for avoiding uncomfortable questions about the past but also, it seems, for appearing in two places at once…"

Raven (18 August to 29 August, Press Night 19 August 2015).

Synaestheatre present an original drama written by the company, directed by Deborah Ward, with designs by Sophie Bramley, sound design by Chris Porcopiou and lighting by Sophie Bramley.

"Two worlds, one girl who can traverse them. The depths of romantic love and family duty come head to head and Faye is literally torn between them. What happens when we sacrifice ourselves for those we adore? How do the tribulations of decision-making transform the fabric of who we are, forever?"

Tickets for all productions are now on sale.

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