The Sword And The Dope at King's Head Theatre.

The Sword And The Dope, written by Michael Horspool, directed by Matthew Gould is at the King's Head Theatre, Islington, 10 Dec - 30 Dec 2011.

Before Cinderella had her fairy godmother. Before Snow White had seven dwarfs. Even before Diana Ross had the Supremes, Bosstock had Rumpkin (who are the west country’s answer to Ant and Dec). Our Tale follows this comedy pair as they retell their version of King Arthur and the Knights Of the (not so) round table, unfortunately there memories and storytelling is about as good as their singing so prepare to get sidetracked quite a bit! Our tale has everything you need, a dangerous villain the evil Sir Backstabber, a brave hero Casey, a beautiful maiden Carol and a powerful wizard Merlot, who is a bit like a drunk Michael Fish in a hat. Our tale has singing (some of which is in tune), dancing, more jokes than something with less jokes in it and more cliff hangers than Eastenders.
Will Casey save the day? Will Carol marry her French prince suitor? Will Merlin find her going out wand? Will King Arthur ever find a round table? Does anybody care? Come and see the Sword and the Dope to find out!

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