The Turn of the Screw at Upstairs at the Gatehouse

The Tower Theatre Company will present The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, adapted by Rebecca Lenkiewicz at Upstairs at the Gatehouse in Highgate, north London, from 14 to 18 July 2015.

Synopsis: "A young governess arrives at a remote estate in Bly to care for two orphans, Miles and Flora. Wild but angelic, they charm their new guardian with flowers, poetry and songs. As the governess grows to love her towards she soon begins to become aware of ethereal figures whom she claims haunt both the mansion’s ground and as she suspects, the children too. As the disturbing history of the house and its former inhabitants begin to surface, the governess must face a terrifying battle to protect the children."

This amateur premiere features a cast of amateur performers and creative team from all over London. The company aims to provide high quality, broadly based, affordable drama and enable people of all ages and backgrounds to experience every aspect of live theatre.

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