The White Feather at the Union Theatre in Southwark

Arion Productions will present a new musical The White Feather by Ross Clark at the Union Theatre in Southwark, south London, from 16 September to 17 October 2015, with an official opening on 18 September 2015.

"Memorials to the soldiers who fought and died in the Great War grace almost every town and village but 306 names are conspicuous by their absence - the men who were executed by their own side. Some were deserters and others were condemned for putting down their weapons in the course of battle but many were suffering from what we know now as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."

The White Feather tells the story of one soldier and his suffering and his sister's lifelong fight for a posthumous pardon. It also encounters the issue of homosexuality in the trenches and the potential shame which faced gay soldiers.

Directed by Andrew Keates, the production features choreography by Anthony Whiteman, costume design by Natasha Prynne, design by Tim McQuillen-Wright, lighting design by Neill Brinkworth and musical direction by Dustin Conrad.

Writer Ross Clark writes for the Times, the Spectator and several other British national newspapers. He is the author of several books including 'How to Label a Goat: the silly rules and regulations that are strangling Britain', and 'The Great Before', a satirical novel set in a post-industrial future. Ross is a member of Mercury Musical Developments.

Tickets for the production are now on sale.

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