Theatre Souk will transform Theatre Delicatessen's home into a theatrical market place from 14 Sep 2010

Theatre Souk, at Theatre Delicatessen Theatre, near Bond Street, central London, from 14 Sep to 16 Oct 2010.

Theatre Souk will transform Theatre Delicatessen’s home (former Uzbekistan Airways offices) into a theatrical market place, filling its performance spaces throughout the four-storey building. From the toilets to the store cupboard the audience will be confronted with noise, mystery and a continuous shock to the system as each door opens to reveal something entirely unexpected inside, corridors, kitchens and toilets with interactive work, created by some of London’s best emerging and experimental theatre makers.

From puppet poker and a game show in which the audience member is the contestant, to intimate one on one performances, the original works all offer a unique take on the theme of money. Artists barter with audience members to come and see their work: choose from the twenty shows on offer or simply relax with a drink in the cabaret bar.

In the midst of the recession, Theatre Souk prompts us to reflect on our money: how we get it, how we spend it, what it means to us, and how a new artistic economy might operate.

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