This Is Not A Christmas Play - world premiere

Encompass Productions presents the world premiere of This Is Not A Christmas Play, by Robert Wallis and Liam Fleming, at the Top Secret Comedy Club, central London, from 9 December 2014 to 4 January 2015.

The comedy is directed by Jonathan Woodhouse and has set design by Sarah Buller. Cast includes Matthew Leigh (David), Jordan Kouame (Tim), Alice Coles (Mary) and James Unsworth (Clive).

Synopsis: "It’s Christmas Day, but David refuses to acknowledge this fact. Along with his best friend and professional layabout Tim he is on a mission to win his ex-girlfriend back, but will she even show-up? As an amusing assortment of strange characters turn up at their door, the pair soon discovers that turkey isn’t the only thing on the menu... A story about friendship on the most famous day of the year but without all the cliches of the Christmas season. The play takes us through a few hours in the life of one stressed individual and his well-meaning friend as Christmas is forced upon them in more ways than one!"

Encompass Productions, who are based in London and have been making new work since 2010, describe their mission as "to challenge, move and entertain".

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