Tower Theatre present Tartuffe at Theatro Technis

Tower Theatre Group present Moliere's Tartuffe at Theatro Technis, north London from 15 Apr to 19 Apr 2014, in a translation by Ranjit Bolt.

Bolt's adaptation of the French comedy was originally performed at the National Theatre in 2002. It will be directed at the Theatro Technis by Gigi Robarts.

"Tartuffe, a con man and charismatic religious charlatan is on a serious mission - a devious religious fanatic who slithers his way into a wealthy family's trust, philandering and praying his way to the top. He breaks an engagement, hoodwinks the head of the family into signing away his fortune and attempts to seduce the mistress of the house - all in the name of piety!"

The Tower Theatre Company is a London based amateur dramatics company founded in 1932. It aims to provide high quality, broadly based, affordable drama and enable people of all ages and backgrounds to experience every aspect of live theatre.

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