Tricycle Theatre announce 3 new productions

The Tricycle Theatre, a 230-seat fringe venue, in Kilburn, north London, has announced three new productions.

The Match Box , by Frank McGuinness, from 2 May to 1 June 2013. Directed by Lia Williams , designed by Colin Richmond , lighting by Charles Lucas , sound by Giles Perring, presented by Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. Starring Leanne Best (Sal). A passionate story of love and hate, after a family tragedy has far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. This drama shines the spotlight on Sal as she looks back at the circumstances that have led her to leave England for the small island of Valentia on the coast of County Kerry.

Bracken Moor , by Alexi Kaye Campbell, from 6 June to 20 July 2013. (World Premiere) Directed by Polly Teale , designed by Tom Piper, lighting by Oliver Fenwick, sound by John Nicholls, presented by Tricycle Theatre and Shared Experience. Set in Yorkshire in the 1930s. After years apart, two families come together to rediscover their lost friendship. As they try to move forward they are plunged into a terrifying encounter with the past. Struggling to make sense of the extraordinary events that unfold before their eyes even the strongest of beliefs are shaken to the core.

The Epic Adventure Of Nhamo The Manyika Warrior And His Sexy Wife Chipo , an African comedy by Denton Chikura, from 1 to 17 Aug 2013. (World Premiere)Directed by Lucian Msamati, presented by Tiata Fahodzi in association with Tricycle Theatre. With just 24 hours to create the ultimate African fable, the superstar cast is missing a hero. Suddenly, a dashing goatherd appears on the horizon… Nhamo. Is he The One?

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