Tristram Shandy to play St. James Studio

Billed as the first stand-up comic in English Literature, Stephen Oxley plays 18th century raconteur Tristram Shandy in Tristram Shandy: Conception, Cock & Bull, directed by Felicity Dean, which will be staged at the St. James Studio near Victoria in central London from 10 Jun to 14 Jun 2014.

Tristram Shandy: Conception, Cock & Bull is a 21st century stand-up adaptation of the famous novel 'The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman' by Laurence Sterne, 250 years after it was first published. It is both adapted and performed by Stephen Oxley.

Synopsis: 'Tristram regales his audience with tales of his own conception and birth, his opinionated father and the love affair of his gentle, battle-obsessed Uncle Toby with the voluptuous Widow Wadman.'

The show was originally directed by Brian Croucher and revived in 2013 for the Face to Face Festival, directed by Felicity Dean and produced by Colin Watkeys. It also had performances celebrating Laurence Sterne's Tercentenary in York and London.

This version is produced by Face to Face.

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