Two new shows announced at the Trafalgar Studios 2

Two new shows announced at the Trafalgar Studios 2

Two new shows have been announced for The Trafalgar Studios 2.

Directed by Leisa Rea and produced by James Seabright Lizzie Roper in Peccadillo Circus will open 15 Feb 2007, following previews from 14 Feb - running to 3 March 2007.

Revealing the dirtiest secrets of real people in their own words, Lizzie Roper delves into the nation’s views on sex.To create the show, Lizzie interviewed people with very different sex lives, including an online sex addict, a non-orgasmic woman, a dominatrix and a Jungian analyst in her seventies. The recorded footage was edited down to create an hour that weaves the most interesting accounts together into an insightful, poignant and above all, funny take on Britain’s sex life. This is played back through earphones, and Lizzie repeats the interviewee’s comments word-for-word, replicating their vocal patterns to create a compelling, live experience for the audience.

Directed by Anna Ledwich and produced by Fish Productions Lovely And Misfit, three “undiscovered” short plays by Tennessee Williams will open 8 March 2007, following previews from 6 March - running to 31 March 2007.

AND TELL SAD STORIES OF THE DEATH OF QUEENS: The central character, Candy Delaney, is a gay transvestite who lives in New Orleans’ French Quarter. His long time partner has recently abandoned him in favour of a younger lover. Lonely and determined to find a new mate, Candy brings home Karl, a young sailor who proves to be a volatile and dangerous choice.

MISTER PARADISE : A young woman home on holiday from an elite women’s college enters a squalid French Quarter residence. She is seeking Mr Paradise, the author of a book of poetry that she discovered propping up a three-legged table in an antique store.

SUMMER AT THE LAKE: A sensitive youth desperately seeks a place of refuge from his mother who denounces him as a dreamer and ' different – or Queer or something'. Swimming in the lake becomes his pleasure and place of refuge.

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