VaVoom! Story of a Showgirl at the Courtyard from 3 Aug

VaVoom! The Story of a Showgirl, a musical comedy written by Sarah Blakemore, music by Anne Freier, at The Courtyard Theatre, a fringe venue in Hoxton,, north London, from 3 to 29 Aug 2010.

Directed by Sarah Blakemore , designed by Eloise Nagarajan, lighting by Greg Cebula, choreography by Audrey Doklan, musical director is Kevin Brashford.

The story follows the adventures of LiLotta VaVoom, an aspiring showgirl. Set in 1941 on the backdrop of the Second World War and the Great Depression, the tale not only tells of LiLotta's quest for stardom but also explores political and feminist themes from then and now. Under the watchful eyes of her estranged Grandmother and Wally the theatre owner, LiLotta and her best friend, Melody, clash over ideas about motherhood and career as LiLotta’s star is beginning to rise. Plotting chorus girls scheme to get rid of the leading man and the stagehands marvel at the complications caused by women. Steadfast Stanley, BBC reporter, snipes at fresh faced Muddy Mack regarding American intervention in the war.

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