Volpone at the Jack Studio Theatre in Brockley

Scena Mundi have announced that they will present a new production of Volpone by Ben Jonson at the Jack Studio Theatre in Brockley, south London, from 29 September to 17 October 2015, with an official opening on 1 September 2015.

"Volpone is a rich and idle Venetian with one passion: his gold, two talents: deception and acting, and one favourite amusement: exposing the hypocrisy and greed of his fellowmen. With the indefatigable help of his servant Mosca, he pretends to be at death's door in order to cozen the greedy parasites who gather around his deathbed in the hope to inherit his fortune. But the scavengers should beware the wily old fox who in turn should beware Mosca the Fly!"

The production will be directed by Cecilia Dorland, with lighting and sound design by Nathalie Gunzle.

Ben Jonson was a poet, playwright and critic and a major literary figure of the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. He excelled in satiric genre and his great drama 'Volpone' is considered to be his masterwork.

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