Who Will Carry The Word? at Jack Studio from 18 Oct

Who Will Carry The Word? , at Jack Studio, Brockley south London, from 18-29 Oct.

Written by Charlotte Delbo translation by Cynthia Haft.

Directed by David Phipps-Davis, produced by Imperial Productions

Cast includes Sophie Bickerstaff, Abi Blears, Kirstie Brough, Rebecca Calienda, Jacqueline Coombs, Mary Emmot, Karen Hobbs, Rebecca Livermore, Lucy Loader, Emily Lockwood, Azlee Manley, Chloe Nicolson, Amy O’Dwyer, Roxanne Palmer, Rochelle Parry, Jodie Raven, Hannah Singer, Annie Tanton, Laura Tarrant, Shaeran Thomas and Louise Xavier

Auschwitz, 1943, 21 women A story of friendship, hope and sacrifice. Based upon the true story of Charlotte Delbo, a member of the French Resistance who spent almost three years in concentration camps, Who Will Carry the Word? depicts the lives of twenty-one women while they share a barracks in Auschwitz. This is their story of sacrifice, friendship and the hope to journey back and tell the truth to the world.

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