World Premiere of Heresy at the Tabard Theatre

Tilo Ulbricht's Heresy opens at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick, West London on 6 March 2014, following previews from 4 March - running to 22 March 2014.

'Heresy' was inspired by the parable 'The Grand Inquisitor' contained within Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov' in which Jesus appears during the Spannish Inquisition. The play follows two men searching for meaning in their lives as they are pulled in two different directions - one towards the Church and the other to the Cathars. As they meet again five years later in Granada they witness an extraordinary encounter which challenges their belief to the very core.

This new play by Tilo Ulbricht had a staged reading at The Arcola Theatre during the summer of 2013, and is now brought to the stage by Questioning Productions for its World premiere. Ulbricht is a playwright, poet, translator and local Chiswick resident.

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