Write Now 2 Festival at the Jack Studio Theatre

Write Now 2 Festival takes place at the Jack Studio Theatre, in Brockley, south east London.

In 2010 the Jack Studio Theatre asked writers with a connection to south east London to submit previously unperformed plays to the theatre. Chosen from over 80 submissions, the three winning plays receive their first fully staged performances.

22 to 26 Feb 2011
Chocolate Bounty , by Jessica Brown, directed by Kate Bannister. Two teenagers meet for the first time on a street in a Leeds estate, one is covered in blood. Michelle is cool and streetwise, she has just moved there. Jenny is shy and lonely, she’s the target of school bullies. At first it seems like they have nothing in common. But their mutual isolation draws them together.

1 to 5 March 2011
The Laundry, by Joe Ward Munrow, directed by Mark Leipacher. Worn out, weary and working in a Liverpool laundry, Terry needs someone to talk to other than the basement walls. Teenager Ben becomes his new assistant, having left London and his recent past behind. As the laundry's monotony and claustrophobia take their toll, the two men find themselves locked in a violent battle of wills, dependent on each other for their own freedom and redemption.

8 to 12 March 2011
Keeping Mum, by Judith Bryan, directed by Rebecca Mason Jones. The big freeze of 1963 and a young Caribbean couple struggle to survive in a new city and a harsh winter. Almost fifty years later, a stranger finds a confused woman wandering the snow covered streets. When the innocence of a nursery rhyme unlocks a chilling family secret, the kindness of strangers isn’t what it seems.

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