Dammy Sokale

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Dammy Sokale is a London-based theatre blogger and critic, travel writer, and podcast host.

She is a lover of all things theatrical and an avid theatre goer. Anything from plays, musicals, ballets, operas to comedy shows - you name it - if it's in the four walls of a theatre (and even if it's not) she loves to go and see it!

She was a part of Stagecoach Theatre School and Rattonians Theatre Company growing up. While studying at Warwick University she hosted a musical theatre radio show called "Beyond Broadway" for which she won an award for best presenter two years in a row, she was the marketing assistant for the Improv Musical which she went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with and writer for the news and arts section of the Boar student newspaper where she won an award for newspaper article of the year.

Outside of the world of theatre, she is a frequent traveller with the goal of travelling to 100 countries by 50 years old!

You can find more of her work at @theatreconnoisseur and @ajala.the.traveller

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