As You Like It - Barbican Pit 2001

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed: Gregory Doran
Starring: Nancy Carrol, Alexandra Gibreath, Adrian Schiller, Declan Conlon, Ian Hogg, Anthony Howell, Barry McCarthy, Andrew Pointon, Tom Smith, Danielle Tilley.
Story: Lyricism, passion, irony and fun in the Forest of Arden.

A round up of the press notices by Darren Dalglish

When this RSC production opened at Stratford-upon-Avon last year it received poor reviews from the popular press, however its transfer to the intimate Pit theatre at the Barbican has been received favourably... THE TIMES describes it has an "intermittently enjoyable production". And goes on to say that "Alexandra Gilbreath brings a lot of physical energy to Rosalind.." IAN SHUTTLEWORTH for THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, that when the play opened in Stratford last spring, "it was fervently rubbished by virtually all reviewers.... but for whatever reason, on its unveiling at The Pit I found it utterly delightful." He goes on to say, "Doran's production casts no new light on the play, to be sure, but rather paints its conventional colours invigoratingly afresh." PHIL DAOUST for THE GUARDIAN says, " Doran is blessed in Alexandra Gilbreath, his husky-voiced Rosalind, never afraid of going over the top as first a smitten ninny, then a teasing minx." SHERIDAN MORLEY for TELETEXT says, "An example of the RSC's new spirit can be found in Freg Doran's 'As You Like It.' After opening to bad reviews at Stratford, it's been refigured for the new Pit, where it looks just wonderful." He goes on to say, "The enchanting Alexandra Gilbreath is the most interesting Shakespearian star since Sinead Cusack, equally able to make you giggle or break your heart." THE EVENING STANDARD headlined, "Forest fable bears fruit." THE EVENING STANDARD'S reviewer, RACHEL HALLIBURTON says that the show has been improved since Stratford "by ditching the trees, drastically simplyfying the set, and allowing the actors the elixir of subtlety..." JOHNATHAN GIBBS for TIME OUT says, "It delivers where it matters most: in the looks and words of love forever darting back and forth between the diverse loves..." BEN DOWELL for THE STAGE was luke-warm about the production saying it "remains pretty tricky to fathom quite what he [Gregory Doran] was attempting to bring to the play."

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